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Not me either

>If the task is to drive swiftly in the snow, both can probably do it, but if
>I require "without white knuckles", the quattro will do it a lot more
>easily, and that counts for a fair bit. "Forgiving and easy" may not be the
>hallmarks of a sportscar, but last time I looked out of the window, I was
>driving a four door touring sedan.


Then why compare the two?  A fwd car can outhandle a quattro (see performance
car issue A6 fwd vs A6 awd), so can a rear wheel drive car with traction
control.  I frankly put more on driver skill and awareness than your post
Geoff.  Without white knuckles?  How bout putting on a good set of snows?
Most quattro buyers don't.  So what does that say about the rest of the
drivers that do?  Maybe a consciousness.  I don't go for the argument at all
that a quattro (especially torsen ones, see archives) are so kind to the
driver.  Why?  Well you are correct, a quattro inspires confidence.  Sometimes
beyond the capabilities of the driver.  Traction is a two way street.
Confidence in it's ability to make a car handle weather is offset by the
reality of braking doesn't change a single bit with quattro.  Neither does
turning.  Who's gonna get in trouble first, the confident quattro owner, or
the respectful BMW driver.  

I see it here all the time.  I don't see all that many at Steamboat honing
those weather skills.  I don't see that many at quattro club events at all.
Me, I'm there for most of them, and Steamboat every year.  My goal, a better
educated driver, is a better driver, period.  In that time I've seen plenty of
quattro owners that should be driving 'white knuckled', cuz I've ridden with
more than a few that make me that way.