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Re: H&R Springs, Coupe 4cyl???

harrison wrote:
> Progressive Insurance calls my friend's 84 CGT an Audi "Custom". That is what
> they came up with from his VIN.

GEICO listed my 5kcstq just as "QUATTRO," which was a little surprising.
Not that Audi sold ur-quattro's in the US in '87, of course. I call them
back, wondering if I might get a lower premium once I straightened this
out, but it wasn't so. They just didn't have enough space to write "5000
CS QUATTRO," which I can understand. It is a mouthful.

By the way, I plan on changing over to 20th Century Insurance soon,
which is quite a bit cheaper than anything else I've seen (at least here
in CA). I think that part of the savings may be thanks to Audi's
confusing nomenclature: the 5000 CS quattro is not listed as being a
turbocharged car, while the 5000 CS turbo is. Easy mistake to
make on these cars. So there is a cost-saving reason for buying quattro!

- Wallace
  '87 5kcs(t)q 150k