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FS-50% off Audi Touring Car/Rally History lithograph

Hey folks,

Just going through all of the lithographs in inventory and I still have a
handful of the Audi Touring car/Rally History pieces left.  Not enough to
advertise in any big way other than a mention.  So if you are interested, I
will give a Quattro List promotion price of 50% off unframed lithograph
orders-is $220/promotion $110-save $110 and 35% off framed orders-is
$390/promotion $253.50-save $136.50.  Both prices include UPS shipping
within the US, outside the US is a bit more.

These pieces are all numbered and individually and personally signed by Joe
Hoppen, Frank Biela, Hans-Joachim Stuck, Walter Rohrl, Hurley Haywood and
the artist Road & Track magazine contributing illustrator Dennis Brown.

If you are looking for a deal on an Audi gift, this is it. No one has 'em
because my company were the only ones sick enough to produce 'em. To see it
on the web, go to:


If you are a fan of the Viper GTS, Shelby Cobra or Land Rover history and
Camel Trophy, I have the balance of some pieces we produced focusing on
those as well.  Best of all, we take credit cards.

Give me an e-mail back at creativeshowcase@nac.net

Eric Friedman
93 V8 4.2(wondering how AOA will finally package the A6 with the 4.2 engine
in 2000)