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RE: erotic upshift indicator (maybe I mean erratic)

> Mine will even light up with the car out of gear (parked) with engine
> running above 2000rpm.  Yet it never lights in 5th.
> Curious.
... that's the way it is supposed to work ... where you going to shift from
5th ... reverse?  :-)

There is a switch on the tranny that tells the upshift light to stay off
when in 5th gear.  AAMOF one of the common mistakes on reassembly is to
miswire the center diff lock and 5th gear switches at the tranny ...

I guess it would be more fun to swap the 5th geear and reverse switches ...
can you imagine the reaction from folks behind you when your back-up lights
come on every time you shift into 5th? ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)