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US S4/6 Pricing is Crazy

An ad in this morning's Philadelphia Inquirer reads:

        Audi S6 '95 5spd, slvr, blk turbo, quattro 79k.  Excel
        1st $23,900 610-388-0319

I bought a 94 S4 w/ 90000km (56k miles) for Can$32,000 with tax
(US$20,500) last December. I bought it from a dealer, so I paid too much -
but the car is in perfect shape and it was the color I was looking for

I suggest that anyone who may be in the market for an S-car head North. 
They're readily availble here (last time I was at a Toronto Audi lot 2
months ago, they had 3), and much cheaper. 

I'm not sure what it would cost to bring it back to the U.S. but it can't
be enough not to warrant the trip (I know the speedo would need to be

Drop me a note if you do decide to make the trip and I'll help you out...

94 S4