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Re: Audi 5KS Radiator Overflow Fitting

"R. Andrew Pickens" <apickens@access.digex.net> writes:

>Help!  Probably an old question, but new experience for me.  1985 
>The fitting for the radiator overflow hose has broken off (it, and 
>entire top of the radiator, are plastic!).  Any suggestions as to 

John Karasaki came up with this excellent fix when the 
same occured on his V8Q:

Begin attached:
Used the threaded hollow rod from a bicycle (brake cable adjuster with
hole to allow the cable to slide through the middle of it).  Threaded
this into the broken off nipple.  Now this piece had a threaded hollow
shaft in it. Threaded this into the radiator.  Worked great!
End attached.

If it doesn't work, or you find the radiator to be
brittle, I have a good one off a parts car, or the 
best thing to do if you plan on keeping the car is
to get a Modine all copper/brass unit. They sell
for about $200 and are readily available.


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