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Just got off the phone with Vortrag...

I've been having problems with my car lately so now it is back to stock
form!!!!  But i talked to Vortrag, and they have devised a way to get 285hp
and 290 lb-ft of torque...  They have the all of the things they will do to
you 12v V6 documented on the 12v Pages site.  The hp and torque has been
dyno tested on an Audi A4 2.8 Quattro....  SO i'm very interested and they
will have more parts out and more info out as the time goes by...  They
should be announcing all about it in November...  Just so i don;t get a
thousand Emails making me look bad again...  All of the power is Naturally
Aspirated... I didn't get to ask him if they had a chip but here's what
they'll do to your 12v Audi...  They will give you a larger throttle body,
True dual exhaust (header back w/racing cat's), Camshaft Upgrade, Port &
Polished Cylinder Heads, Intake Manifold Upgrades, K&N Cone Filter. All of
this for just shy of $5,000 you can't go wrong... If you let them do all
the work (whicxh is recommended), it'll be done right, and it will be
warranted.  He said that when all said and done you should be pulling the
quarter mile in about 13.5 seconds...  Their test car can prove it... I'm
going to Pontiac, Mi where their located to get a ride to get amazed...
I'll tell you all about it when i go in the next few weeks to Detroit...  

P.S.  	And as for my 100CSQ... it has 172hp now and is waiting for the
Vortrag upgrade kit once it's available...  I don;t have the parts anymore
 	because they've been sold to local Audi 12v'ers (CHEAP)...

Levent Cur
'93 100CS Quattro 5spd (Mine) 94,3900 Miles (Mint) Normal Now!!!!!!!!
'87 5000CS Turbo Auto (Sister's) 200,150 Miles 1.3 bar (Very Near Mint)