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clicks and cold air

>From: "Armstead, Brian" <barmstea@usia.gov>
>Subject: 5kt problems and 200 WTB
>Listers:  My 5kt is giving me the nickel and dime blues.  When I first 
>start the car, I can hear a faint clicking sound coming from behind the 
>glove box.  I'm assuming a solenoid in the A/C programmer is starting to 
>go bad.  If I turn on the head to econ or auto and lower the temp to 72 
>degrees,  the clicking goes away.  Today, I nearly froze to death driving 
>to work, as the heat no longer works.  Just blows loads of cold air.

The little plastic gears on the motor that pushes and pulls the wire that
opens and closes the heater valve have died - the clicking you hear is the
teeth breaking off (aarrggh!)

Procedure: remove controller box, lubricate push-wire (also check heater
valve for free action). Visit junkyard, get controller box out of late 80's
early 90's GM big car - Buick, Cad, Olds - these use the same heating and
cooling system as we do - at a u-pull it, the box shouldn't cost more than
ten bucks.

Remove complete motor assembly and gearbox from GM box, put it on your
controller box - only trick is that the arm must be indexed to the correct
position - connect everything up EXCEPT the push wire, run the temp on the
controller (in dash) full hot and full cold, note where the arm points,
push the wire fully in and out, note where the end of the wire is, index
plastic arm onto shaft to suit the position of the wire - easier done than

Save the rest of the GM box - you'll need the solenoids and disc-shaped
manifold with rubber one-way valve in it SOMEDAY . . .

Best Regards,

Mike Arman