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Re: UrQ Cold Driving Problem

   "Sounds right (been a little while since I looked). It's right next
the A/C solenoid valve (I seem to recall a mass of hosery all coming
together in big knot!), I believe. The A/C solenoid is a short squat
thingiemajig, while the aux air vavle is tall and slender. There is
a small hex bolt at the base of the tall slender tower -- loosen that
bolt and you can slide the assembly back-and-forth 1/8 to 3/16 of an
inch. At this point, I misremember which direction is more open, but
if you try both extremes, the "lukewarm idle" will be noticeably
different (stone cold, it doesn't seem to make much difference, but
after a short while, say 30 seconds, it does...I think...). It's a"

I just went and tried the aux air regulator adjustment. If I put the
little screw at the other end of its travel from where it was when I
started, the car could just about survive the rough period of idle. It
stalled once but when restarted it managed to stumble through it.
Interesting note, during this time, no amount of radical adjustment to
the static idle speed screw made any difference to the idle at all. Any
more thoughts. Thanks.