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Audi 80 Intermittant power loss

After having three different mechanics look at my '88 Audi 80 I am still
having problems. The symptoms are as follows, on warm days 25 C + The car
will run fine for around 50 Km. Then all of a sudden when you go to
accelerate up a hill or overtake the car will lose power. When this happens
you have to put it into neutral, turn the motor off and restart. It starts
straight away and drives as if nothing was ever wrong. About another 10 Km
the same thing will happen again. This is dangerous because it always
happens when you need power.
	You can also make the problem happen by letting the car idle for about 20
minutes and then press down on the accelerator. The engine tries to rev but
it stalls instead.
	The fuel pump makes alot of noise but two of the mechanics we have taken it
to have said that the fuel pressure is ok. The mechanics have also claimed
to have checked every thing else and have replaced all the parts that don't
cost to much. eg Ignition coil, temp sensor, fuel filter etc.
	We hooked up an amp meter to the fuel pump and it draws about 10 - 11 Amps,
would this be normal ? Also the fuel pump relay gets pretty hot sometimes.
At the moment we think that the fuel pump might be the problem but can't
really prove it. (One of the mechanics claimed to have swapped it around
with another one but the problem still occured) So if anyone has any
suggestions I would really appreciate hearing them.



'88 Audi 80 1.9E 3spd Auto
'81 Audi 5+5 2.1 (Now with 5 Spd manual)

PS since I rebuilt the engine in the 5+5 I get 7.6L /100km Country and
10.5L/100Km City not bad for a car of this size and weight.