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RE: 4ks silicon...

Hi Brian,
The Bar in other lister's tag lines is referring to turbo boost.  The Bar
gauge in your car is the oil pressure.  You don't have a turbo.  Well
unless you have installed a turbo mod.......

As far the RTV silicone goes.  I have no knowledge/experience using in the
engine bay.  However we have done extensive test using it in semi-conductor
processing equipment.  The stuff out gasses while it cures (24hours), it
will only out gas again if it burns.  The high temp stuff (generally red in
color) is good up to 300 degrees Celsius.  Hmmmn I think it's good for more
than that.  It's good for the temp rating on the side of the tube, it burns
aprox. 100degrees more than rated.  We did these test a few years ago, so
my RAM has been overwritten and my hard drive is running slow.  Caution
your results might differ from mine.  
Insert disclaimer here.

Best Regards,
86 4kcsq  no turbo, no oil pressure gauge, 197k 

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From:   "Brian" 
I was sure to pick up a tube that was "Sensor Safe."  I believe it was
Permatex brand in the blue tube.  150 miles now with no problem.

Alas, I can't leave it alone at that.  I've got to ask a question or two as
I continue my quest for Audi knowledge.  I see people end their posts with
description of their cars and sometimes included is a reference to "bar."
Okay, my car has the 3 lil guages in the dash, one of which is labeled
"Bar."  However, I can't make reference to the amount of "Bar" in my car
because it reads only near and far.  (Needle all the way to left above
rpm., needle all the way right at idle.)  So the obvious question is...how
much bar in my car?

Oh yeah, and the "dummy" lights in the instrument cluster, they're funny
too.  At anything above idle speed the "brake", "OXS", and lil battery
illustration glow at about, oh, 40% full intensity.  What's up with that?