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Re: New Bosch plugs

In a message dated 10/22/98 5:41:26 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
tyoung@wamnet.com writes:

<< My '93 90S [V6] had NGK plugs in it when I bought it and it ran like crap.
 pulled them and put in the oem Bosch plugs. It cost me $50 for 6, but the car
 runs MUCH better. I'll use NGKs in my fiancees Mazda, but not in my Audi. >>

Well, I have heard the phrase No Good Kind used before bt the NGK plugs I was
recalling were dual platinum Porsche plugs that were slightly less expensive
that the Bosch dual platinums. They were a very high quality plug that some
911 owners and mechanics (at the time when I owned mine...'throughout the 80s)
actualy preffered to the Bosch. I tried both, noticed no difference and liked
the lower cost, especially with on my 1970 2.2L with two triple barrel
downdraft Webbers which loved to foul and gobble plugs. IMO, what's "good
enough for a Porsche" is good enough for an Audi--if it fits the application.

Mike Veglia
87 5kcstq