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RE: Stiffer suspension (was A4 questions)

I'm looking for opinions about using stiffer (lowered) springs/shocks and
their effects on traction in snow and ice.  I once bought a set of stiffer
springs/shocks for my Rabbit, and I think that traction in snow and ice
suffered as a result.  As much as I like the looks and would enjoy driving a
stiffened up suspension on my 4000 for example, I'm not so sure I would do
it again on another car.  I would be tempted to leave it pretty much stock.
I'm curious about the effects on quattros, too.


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> I am considering lowering my  96' A4...I'm thinking H&R...also, I am 
> getting a raddle from the fold down seat in the rear when I am 
> driving...
> I also recently changed the oil myself...and I can't seem to figure out 
> how to reset the oil change reminder....any suggestions?
> Lastly, my 43,000 mile maintenance tune up is due...is there a way for 
> me to avoid costly dealer charges, and do it myself?
> Please Help, any input would be helpful...thanks
> M1
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