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Re: studding Hakka 1's

On Wed, 21 Oct 1998 21:23:46 -0500, you wrote:

>After living for years in the Minneapolis area, where I always use Hakk
>1's on all my cars, I have moved to Grand Forks, ND.  In the Minneapolis
>area, ice wasn't a huge problem because the roads are heavily salted and
>plowed fairly well.  But, here in Grand Forks, I understand all but the
>biggest roads are covered in ice all winter.  This winter, I will be
>driving a 85 4000q, and have a set of Hakk 1's (185/65-14) mounted on
>the original alloys.  The tires were new last season and cant' have more
>than a couple thousand miles on them.  My questions are, can I stud them
>now after they have some (very little) wear?  Is their any special
>studding process required do to "eco-studding"?  Can I stud them
>myself?  Do I need special "eco-studs"?  How does studding effect them
>in terms of noise, dry pavement, wet pavement, and ice?
>How do the Hakk 1's (with and without studs) compare to the Blizzaks on
>ice?  If I had known I was going to be living here, I might of bought
>the Blizzak's instead, perhaps the new MZ-02.  Partly because they
>_might_ be nicer overall than the Hakks with studs, while still
>providing better ice traction than the Hakk's w/o studs.  The other part
>is I will be driving back to Minneapolis (where studding is not allowed)
>for Winter break, and possibly some other occasions.
>In summary, my options are:
>1.  Drive on the Hakk's w/o studs.
>2.  Put studs in the Hakks
>3.  Sell the Hakks and buy Blizzaks

Up in the north here in Norway, we drive in snow/ice 6 months each
year. I have used both studded and not studded tires, and my
conclusion are that the studded tires are not any better than not
studded except on ice. The not studded are much better than the
studded on pavement and snow. Another thing is that the tire studs
destroy the roads..