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RE: UrQ Konis, brakes and headlamps

I was trying to cross-reference the P/N for the Hellas for the sloping grille and it seems that they are available (or at least still listed) for the Audi 90 up to 87 MY.  On the UrQ page only Hella lenses are listed.  Hmmm...

Hellas are still listed for cars with electric beam adjustment FWIW.  Mine doesn't do that.

Anybody actually try to fit the 90 lights on the UrQ?  They look like like they'd work.  Anyhow I must see if I can get away with just lenses, or if I need complete lights before I order more stuff.

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From:	Phil Payne [SMTP:quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk]

In message <362F2338.DE80AB94@bigplanet.com> ANDREW FINNEY writes:

>> "Hella.  I think it's a part number difference - only Cibies are
>> available for the sloping-grill cars."

> I have Hella H1/H4 lights , not cibies, for my sloping grille UrQ. The
> grille came off a 1986 coupe.

Yup.  "Was" vs. "is".

The Hellas aren't listed in the 1996 fiche.  They were in the 1992.

 Phil Payne