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Re: US S4/6 Pricing is Crazy

>Seriously though, I've often noted that Canadian spec cars lack some
>amenities taken for granted in the States. For ex. Is A/C standard? Some
>Canadian '91 200s need 10 more valves (right Fred?). I assume _all_
>Canadian S4/6 cars have quattro (I notice the designation "base": what does
>that mean?)  How about cupholders, dammit?!

All Audi's in Canada have A/C. All S4/S6's are quattro.  I don't know what
"base" means,  The 95 S6 that I drove and park next to at work, does not
have an inboard computer like in my  5k TQW, so fuel consumption, turbo bar,
etc. is not readily available.  As for cupholders, I would be embarrassed to
tell people I had them if I had them :^), but the S probably has them, I
never checked.  Regarding the 200's, it's true, in Canada only the S series
have the 20V.

Good luck shopping in Canada eh