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RE: Flag waiving

i guess that i need to spell it out some more.  the issue about [your lack
of] objectivity is just that.  matt, you selectively quote an article in
performance car magazine [rip] looking at the effects of quattro on an a6,
while completely ignoring articles in the *same* issue which laud awd, and
tell the reader that an 8-year old 20v ur-quattro is still up with the
current crop of awd machines.

the article on the awd vs fwd a6 was just that.  it looked at a particular
model.  you attempt to take that one article and say that this is therefore
the case for all chassis and quattro.

ummmm, no deal.  I'm quite happy if you want a fwd rs2, or a fwd ur-quattro.

mmm.... can't wait to sample the fwd s6.....

at least matt, you can drive them and be happy in your "objectivity".

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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Dave E, writes:
"oh yeah, matt.  the king of objectivity....."
Thanks Dave, its good to be king.  I'll tell you what I'll appoint you
prince...but first kiss my frog.

Dave writes:
"the performance car article?  is that an article about quattro, or about
good the
fwd a6 is?little hint - performance car has done more than one article about
this issue."
Oh I get it now - a conspiracy.  Performance Car has purposely made the
quattro system look bad by using the incredible fwd A6 as a test bed.  You
know in some of the pictures I thought I could make out a sniper on the
grassy knoll...