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Re: Did the Bomb Test - FAILED

Fourkguy@aol.com wrote:
> The education I have received from reading this list has mandated that I
> perform a test of my BOMB. After shutting the engine and applying my brake on
> many occurrences, I have come to the conclusion that I can expect 3-4
> depressions until the accumulator is empty. Thus_a_failure!?
> I do not experience braking problems and would not have discovered this
> deficiency were it not for my good friends on the QLIST. My question, then is
> how much is the R/R gonna cost me and what improvements/ changes should I look
> forward to after R/R.
> Jeff

I recently replaced my bomb. I *had* been driving around for some time
with a completely 100% dead bomb. All opions noted thus far appear to be
correct, with the exception of the warning buzzer/light. My 89 200q
didn't show a warning light except under "sudden" braking. Then, the
brake warning lamp would glow for a second. No buzzing was noted.

Now, as for what improvements have I noted...at first I didn't notice
anything. Then, a couple of days ago, I had to amke a quick stop (but
not panic). My younger brother, who was in the car with me, said
"Hey..what did you do to the brakes"?  I replied, " nothing, why?" 

That's when I realized that a few months ago I wouldn't have been able
to stop nearly as quickly. I also realized that several times I've had
to make sudden stops and the 200q did quite well (this with the current
need for a rebuild on the rear calipers and cheap-o pads).

Note: Several times driving around with my bad bomb, I had to make panic
stops. Lets just say that I almost lost control over bodily functions at
that time. Descriptions that I've seen so far in this thread are very

Do yourself a favor, go replace your bomb. It might save a life (maybe
yours, your wifes, or that damn little deer "Bambi".)

I shopped around for my bomb at several places I trust. Price variation
was (as I recall) about $15 between vendors. I hear that occasionally
Blau (god forbid), GPR, or TPC have bomb specials. 
Good luck (but don't wait for a special to replace the bomb).

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY