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Re: Control Arm Ball Joint Failure!

I heard the chunk sound a total of 2 times once when I did see a rock in the
path where I had just driven.
The mechanic said that he did check the ball joint and there was no play!
also the boots were in good condition (before being sheared off).  Based on
his previous performance I believe him.
I have contacted Audi tech support through the dealer to see if there are
any information bulletins and I have ordered the ball joints for both sides
of the car (just in case its corrosion plus flaw related).  He had also not
heard of this failure before.
There was no noticable play in the steering or suspension. I had just
replaced all bushings in the car (not these ball joints but all other rubber
bits ) less than a year ago.
I'm sure I would be able to tell if there was a change in the normal driving
dynamics, but there wasn't!
So be aware Quattronauts!

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From: Dave C. <conner@cfm.ohio-state.edu>
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Date: October 22, 1998 3:07 PM
Subject: re: Control Arm Ball Joint Failure!

Dave wrote:
>First I want to say thanks for trying to warn other folks.
>Second though, I'm very concerned about the story you tell.  Here's why.
>I think I know the sound you describe hearing.
>I suspect you are saying you heard the "chank" noise earlier, not when it
>And I'm willing to bet $$ you heard that noise more than once.
>In fact I'll bet you heard it many times...heard it so often that you
>>expected< to hear it making that low speed maneuver?  Probably could have
>reproduced it for anyone who wanted to hear it?
>Please tell us if I am right.
>Driving over a 1 inch rock does not cause "chanking" sounds like your
>failed ball joint would make.  And it especially doesn't do it regularly
>where no rocks are present.
>Colin, you are driving a car with well over 300,000 km on it.  You should
>realize it is very possible for a suspension component to need replacement.
> Listen to your car when it talks to you.
>You are correct in believing this was a VERY dangerous thing that happened.
> Your life and that of others was at risk here, but probably not the life
>of the mechanic who didn't notice it.  >Do not< trust that mechanic with
>your life.  In fact, maybe you shouldn't trust him with anything.
>NEVER ignore "chanking" sounds or any other weird sounds or feelings from
>the suspension or steering of your car. You >must< learn how to check these
>things for your self.
>I hope you don't take this wrong, but I've seen this sort of thing before.
>Like you, I cannot understand how something that should be so obvious can
>be overlooked, especially by a pro, but it definitely does happen.
>Dave Conner