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Re: 328i vs. A4 2.8q ?

Did the A4 have the sports suspension.and the larger tires

Jeremiah Curry

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Date: Wednesday, October 21, 1998 10:22 PM
Subject: Re: 328i vs. A4 2.8q ?

>Hi Mr. Rooke,
>Here are some of the pertinent stats and some comments.
>0-30 advantage bmw by .3 seconds
>0-60 ditto by 1.0
>0-100 ditto by 3.2
>0-130 ditto by 8.8 seconds
>1/4 mile ditto 15.8 @ 89 v. 15.1 @ 93
>street start ditto by .6
>30-50 ditto by 1.9 seconds
>50-70 ditto by 1.2 seconds
>70-0 braking ditto by 6 feet
>skidpad ditto .80 v. .82
>lane change manuever ditto 62.1 mph v. 67.9 mph
>Also better gas mileage to boot!
>Quotes pertinent to the performance discussion:
>"...the A4 is much more nose-heavy than the bmw, with 58.6 percent of the
>weight at the front, compared with 50.2 percent.  All this, plus the
>long-travel suspension that makes rough roads so tolerable, conspires to
>limit the A4's performance when driven 10/10ths."
>"the body doesn't feel as tight as the bmw's...it doesn't turn in as
>or with as much feel...and there's a little less body control (than with
>"Additionally the bmw's brakes were significantly better...braking the Audi
>down at the end of the back straightaway at Waterford required a lot of
>pedal pressure."
>"Feels as though there is a lot more grip to work with in the bmw...it has
>none of the vertical floatiness you get with the Audi.  The bmw feels more
>connected tot he pavement and sends more accurate signals to the driver
>They did like the A4's steering  and stick during normal driving (although
>not during hard driving) and they said it handled rough pavement better
>while the bmw reacted with a bit of chatter.
>Obviously both cars are very fine.  The A4 is a tad cheaper and not quite
>the performer.
>Matt Pfeffer