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re: R8

Phil Payne said:
>Given that Daimler-Benz seems to 'own' the expression "Silver Arrows",
>will Audi race in black?

I hope Audi polishes the car to an Avus-like luster! Maybe the car is
black to disguise the dynamics of the bodywork? The photos don't help
much in describing the car.

Does anyone remember Gianpiero Moretti's Audi powered IMSA sportscar?
Maybe 1988 or 89? I have no idea if the car was a V8 powered car or if
it used the 20v turbo.

It was before he bought the IMSA Nissan car- He has the Audi powered car
on display at a race, it was very swoopy looking, not unlike the R8.

Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8Tmtm
88 GTi