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Your Bosch Connection

Ok, "Mr. Caliban" it is real nice to know you have friends at Robert Bosch.

Maybe you can let us in on the real dirt with Bosch plugs and why some
won't work worth a darn on our prized motorcars.

The opinions I have heard about the "chain store platinum" is that it is
verboten at the V-A-G dealers, and the Porsche people have also put out
directives on the product (i.e. "don't blame us if the 9xx runs like crap,

I have a friend who is a V-A-G tech.  I was experiencing emissions troubles
with one of my VW cars, even though I had installed a new cat and new oxy
sender within 5 mos of the test.  IMMEDIATELY he asked me about plugs-when
I said Bosch platinum, he then asked where I bought them-"chain store" I
replied.  His edict was to go get the triple electrode Supers.

I then explained that I had put the plugs in only the year before (right
before the test), and the same car had passed emissions with room to spare,
with the OE cat and OE oxy sensor...and that I was confused as to why the
plugs were his top suspects this time around...said that they could be ok
when new, but that recessed center electrode was no good in the long term.


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