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New EC

December EC arrived today.

Silver TT on the front cover.  Accompanying story raving about the car,
especially the 225 hp version.

Lots of ink about Mt. Washington and other Audi hillclimbs, rallys, etc.

Back on page 144 is a computer enhanced version of the new A4.  Looks like
a shrunken A6 with TT front and rear end treatments.  Apparently the new
A4 sedan gets here in a year or so.  The cabrio shows up after the
Spring 2000 Geneva auto show, and the coupe (yes--coupe) and avant in 
late 2000.

The story also says the 1.8 gets pushed to 180hp and there will be "a more
powerful V6."

Nothing about a replacement for the S4 that we have not gotten yet.

Good issue.  Enjoy the reading.

Bill Murin
89 100q