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Re: Studded tires

WesW71@aol.com wrote:

When I lived in
> the mountains of colorado I never used studs! Many don't. I would consider
> siping the tires before studs. My VW jetta with regular snows on all fours
> outhandled 90% of the sport utes in 4wd. Not to mention I could go virtually
> go anywhere a ute went, and many drivers were amazed. 

Hey there!

What exactly is it, to sipe a tire?

I live in the Tahoe area of California where we get LOTS of snow, 
although it is fairly wet compared to the Rockies... Last season my 
Hakka 10's with studs (on all four syncro-driven wheels) were AWESOME. 
Almost too good, they gave me more confidence that was prudent. 

Never heard of the siping, though.