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Re: The right rear caliper questions

Phil Payne wrote:

> It's usually the autoadjuster on the handbrake jamming - solution is to
> fit the Ford part numbers I posted last week.
<<<<Ford Granada return springs (# 6141147 & #6141148)>>>>

Phil once again was correct (what else is new...): the SOB does not
fully release the parking brake lever. 
If I pull the e-brake and release it, the wheel is impossible to spin by
If I push the lever with a pry bar to the rest limiter the wheel could
be spun by hand.
Evidently the caliper itself is working fine, no need to spend $240 for
a new or $78 for a rebuilt one.

Now the question is - where am I gonna get the return springs from the
Köln-made Granada?

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros