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Re: Block heater BTDT and 3" cat source?

Block heaters seem to be reasonably trouble-free when properly
installed--saw many of them on cars up in Anchorage (way of life in the
winter there, probably for you too)

DynoMax makes a 3" universal cat, 2-way or 3-way.  try JEGS or Summit Racing.


At 12:42 10/22/98 EDT, C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
>Forwarded by Chris from Tom Grimaldi  (Mtidea@aol.com)  Please reply directly
>to him and cc the list as he's not sub'd.
>I'm looking to install a block heater in my 1990 200TQ wagon and am wondering
>the easiest method in doing so.  I was looking to pull the freeze plug
>cylinders 4 & 5 just above the starter as it appeared to be the one
easiest to
>get at.  I believe that the cleanest method is the block heater.  It's
>definitely the most work but the best solution.  I picked the block heater up
>for $18.75 at Big A.  No u don't need to go to the dealer for this part as
>the exact same thing.
>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I live in a climate that
>typically gets between -20 and 0 F almost everynight in the winter.  If you
>have any alternatives I'm open to suggestions.
>One more thing,  Do u know where I might find a 3" Catalitic Converter at a
>good price?
>Kind Regards from Winter Park, CO
>Tom Grimaldi