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RE: Quiz

In message <3630312B.2E512EAA@uidaho.edu> Todd Phenneger writes:

> Uhh,    "Because they get better with Age"   would be the reasonable
> answer for the wine. Wasn't aware this held true with Audi Shocks
> though. !?  Not disputing but can you explain your quiz.  Whats your
> point.

No - it's because they need to be turned periodically in storage.

The issue arose during a discussion of the defective brake servo
pressure switch (made in 1991) that Audi shipped me a month of so back -
I'm progressing this with Audi because I believe this is a safety issue.

How many people have fitted replacement servos with defective switches?
I don't know.  Remember that the failure mode is _NOT_ to warn about
an absence of brake assist - i.e., the very opposite of fail-safe.

Anyway, we got into the old "Verfallsdatum" issue on parts, and it
turns out that instead of using tight shelf lives, they're issuing
more detailed instructions on parts storage.

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