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intermittent power loss Update

I have managed to solve the problem of the engine check light coming on,
when checking connections I stumbled across the knock sensor cable. It was
plugged in but not quite plugged in all the way. It was very difficult to
get it in the hole way but by pressing in the metal clip it went in. Anyway
I gave it a quick clean and now the check engine light no longer comes up.
(and to think the mechanics didn't find this). Anyway now the engine no
longer loses power as often. One thing I did notice though is that when you
use full throttle it seems to bring up the power loss problem. Also when you
push the WOT switch with the engine idling it has no noticeable effect. I
have measured the switch and it is ok.
	The fault code on the computer is now 4444 which is meant to be no faults
detected. But when you put the fuse in again you get 1111 which is control
unit faulty ?? and then when you put the fuse in again you get nothing. Is
this normal ? The next step we are going to do is to replace some of the
sensors and see if that makes any difference. Also all the earth connections
seem ok.

Once again any advice appreciated



88' Audi 80 (Now almost drivable)
81' Audi 5+5 5 spd (Still running reliably)