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Re: The right rear caliper questions

In message <199810231400.KAA02129@titan.purch.ans.net> Dan Simoes writes:

> This should help:
> http://www.frontiernet.net/~pdoering/Scorpio/Scorpio.html

YUP!  That's the beast.

I rolled one off the Sherington Bypass by Newport Pagnell in February
1989.  Up the embankment, _OVER_ the fence, three times end-over-end
and three side rolls.  210 metres from the road.

You could tell roughly what colour it had been, but not the make - much
less the model.

I related the story in our Birmingham office.  One of the ovloV fans -
of whom there were many in our Birmingham office - made some inane
comment about it being a good idea for me to buy a ovloV next time,
because they were safer in accidents.

I told the damn fool idiot that if I ever repeated _that_ experience,
I wanted to be in an identical Ford Granada!

 Phil Payne
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