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derek's car

Derek Daily called me last night to discuss his toasted CQ 20v
head, and what to do.
Here are the usual options we discussed, probably in order of cost/

- rebuild stock head
- rebuild stock head with performance cams
- replace with stock engine
- rebuild stock engine
- rebuild stock engine with increased displacement
- replace engine with eurospec 2.6l stroker
- replace engine with 10v turbo engine
- replace engine with 20v turbo engine

Here are a couple of new ones I came up with:

- replace engine and tranny with 1.8t engine
	I'm very curious about this, since I know there will
 	be a decent supply of these soon.

- replace engine with 12v V6 motor
	It fits in the Cabriolet, which is a CQ with the roof
	cut off, so it can't be that hard.

Thoughts?  I told him to call around (2Bennett, Ned) but I'm
curious what our resident experts would suggest.

| Dan |
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