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Re: more on the role of audi sport uk in the le mans effort

Eaton Dave wrote:
> and more indications on the size of audi's budget for the le mans
> effort......
>  We aimed from the beginning to work with Joest.' said Audi motorsport boss
> Dr Wolfgang Ullrich, 'but because the team is so closely linked with
> Porsche, we thought it wouldn't be possible.'
> Audi also confirmed that designer Tony Southgate has joined its team, as
> predicted by Autosport. The veteran will act as Ullrich's personal technical
> advisor.

Wow..I wish *I* had a technical advisor. It would be real helpful when
I'm trying to figure out how to put something back together that I've
taken apart on the Q, or when I need information/lessons on repair work.
But a "personal technical advisor". Wow..that would be GREAT! I could
finally figure out how to fix my ever-running toilet, stop the leaky
faucet in the sink, fix the vacuum, remember to write with the sharp end
of the  pencil...yadda..yadda..


P.S. You guys *are* my Audi technical advisors..

-Osman Parvez
89 200q
Albany, NY