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newbie looking for purchase watch out fors

Hi, I'm looking at several 4000 Quatro's here in the Mpls/St. Paul area.  I
haven't got any experience with the Audi's except my sisters 4000s Quatro
from 12 years ago and she figured it was a lemon.  Others that I've met at
some of the rallys like it.

I am a competent home mechanic and do most of my own vehicle work, check
the signature below for a list of the fleet today.  All VW's, one Vanagon

So what should I look out for, what are common problems and are there any
years to stay away from or better yet, to look for.


'89 SyncroBeast Vanagon
'87 16V GTI
'87 16V GTI w/ hale damage - parting out - body gone, parts remain
'89 16V GTI w/ toasted motor
'86 Scirocco (8 valve w/ auto) - SO's - now w/ it's own hale damage
'80 850 Yamaha Special

Prior Lake, MinneSnowta
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