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Re: Jump start-OK,self start NO

Sounds like you might have a problem with the battery ground cable/ body
connection, a problem with the engine ground cables/connections, or a
problem with the positive cable from the battery to the starter. Did you
clean the battery connectors to clean metal?


Fred Munro
'91 200q  261k km
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Date: Thursday, October 22, 1998 7:07 PM
Subject: Jump start-OK,self start NO

>Had to jump start my car (87-5k cstq) last night (clic/clic, not turning
>over). Started right up with the jump. Assumed it was the 4 yr old batt.,
so I
>replaced it today.
>The clic/no turn over continues (yes, batt. fully charged). Yet starts
>up when I use an external batt. connected to the jumper post, ground to the
>engine. Connections at batt. and starter are tight.
>Can anyone steer me to the possible cause?
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