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Re: The right rear caliper questions

I've been to the local Ford dealer just after Phil had posted the part
numbers and ordered the return springs. Cost me DM 21 for both. They
will be installed tomorrow.
Dealer said he never had to order those parts before, not for a Ford
nor for an Audi. A wide grin was all over his face.


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Betreff: Re: The right rear caliper questions

>Phil Payne wrote:
>> It's usually the autoadjuster on the handbrake jamming - solution
is to
>> fit the Ford part numbers I posted last week.
><<<<Ford Granada return springs (# 6141147 & #6141148)>>>>
>Phil once again was correct (what else is new...): the SOB does not
>fully release the parking brake lever.
>If I pull the e-brake and release it, the wheel is impossible to spin
>If I push the lever with a pry bar to the rest limiter the wheel
>be spun by hand.
>Evidently the caliper itself is working fine, no need to spend $240
>a new or $78 for a rebuilt one.
>Now the question is - where am I gonna get the return springs from
>Köln-made Granada?
>Igor Kessel
>Two turbo quattros