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RE: Just a quickie Update

Well, with the advice of listers, I picked up some Techron for my next fuel
stop (tonight), and also checked my oil level and found it down a quart,
1500 miles since last oil change, which everyone seems to think is "normal"
- hard for me to get used to, that's for sure!  Anyway, put in what is
probably her first drink of mobile 1 (15/30, is that ok for us in bay area,
CA?) and will definetly use it come next oil change, per the list's

Thanks all!


<<Hi Audi-dudes....gonna go out at lunch time and pick up some injector
cleaner fuel additive....I have a feeling given the work I've had to put
into her so far that the PO was not attentive to her needs!  So I'm trying
to dodge further injector problems.  What is the list's general consensus
on brand??

-Bob Beach (San Jose, CA)
'93 90CS (Just waitin for the next thing to go wrong!)>>