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Re: Little Audi Problems

Jason A Whyte wrote:

> Anyone familiar with trouble shooting the 93 model year automatic
> climate control system?  Mine worked excellent until it seemed to loose

Take a look here: http://www.itc.nu/12v/maint/cc.html. Hopefully the
diagnostics will give you a clue about what's gone wrong.

> Audis (ha, ha).  Again, I think this is an electrical problem with the
> system rather than a mechanical fault.  How do you even remove the

In the case of the climate control, I wouldn't bet on it. The late-model
systems seem to be more robust than the older ones, but there are still
a lot of mechanical things to go wrong. I've heard of worn out potentiometers
and broken drive gears...

> system from the dash?  I can't find a way to access the screws or clips
> which hold it in place.

Anything of interest is going to be buried _deep_ in the console, and
probably require major surgery to reach...

> control arm bushings.  The car drives better than new with 70,000 miles.
Have the timing belt, water pump, tensioners, etc. been replaced in the
last 10-15k miles? If not, you're on borrowed time...

1993 90CS 70k miles