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Re: shocks and Springs for 5ktqcs

> Our 87 5ktq has over 200,000 miles on it and is wallowing all over the
> road. Definitely time to replace the shocks and the springs. I want to
> replace the springs with a set that will lower it a bit, give it that
> nice racy look. Hey! Some times image is everything. I've picked out H&R
> sport springs, they're supposed to drop it by 1.5", since Eibachs aren't
> available for this model and I can't find any other major brand name

On the contrary.  Check out http://www.wolfsport.com/suspension/suspf.htm
...unless they sold them all.

> that covers Audis. For the H&R springs is there anything special that
> has to be done to install them or to keep the alignment straight? With
> the H&R springs what shocks are a good match, if I'm looking for a firm
> but not harsh ride? I've been able to find Bilsteins for the 87 5ktq but
> I haven't been able to find a Boge/Sachs, or Koni shock that is made for
> this particular year and model?

Wolfsport list Boges for this model and they may even still have some
Konis if you call and ask.