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Re: Block heater BTDT and 3" cat source?

    IMHO, the block heater is the only way to go. They are effective, safe,
and reliable. I use mine routinely in the dead of winter (-20 to -40 C). The
car starts easier and warms up quicker. The dipstick oil heaters may work in
SoCal, but aren't very effective at -40; they don't have enough surface
area. The only other type which works mounts in the heater line. They heat
and circulate the coolant through the heater system and the block. Not as
good as a block heater because the heater valve must be left open for them
to work, plus they have the same power output as a block heater but more
surface area to radiate the heat (block plus heater core).
    Sorry, but I don't know which frost plug my heater is installed in. I'll
see if I can find it the next time I'm crawling around under the engine. The
only caveat is that there has to be enough space behind the frost plug to
accept the heater. On some engines ( I don't know about Audi's), some frost
plugs have very little space behind them and only certain plugs can be used
for heaters.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  261k km
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Subject: Re: Block heater BTDT and 3" cat source?

>Block heaters seem to be reasonably trouble-free when properly
>installed--saw many of them on cars up in Anchorage (way of life in the
>winter there, probably for you too)
>DynoMax makes a 3" universal cat, 2-way or 3-way.  try JEGS or Summit
>At 12:42 10/22/98 EDT, C1J1Miller@aol.com wrote:
>>Forwarded by Chris from Tom Grimaldi  (Mtidea@aol.com)  Please reply
>>to him and cc the list as he's not sub'd.
>>I'm looking to install a block heater in my 1990 200TQ wagon and am
>>the easiest method in doing so.  I was looking to pull the freeze plug
>>cylinders 4 & 5 just above the starter as it appeared to be the one
>easiest to
>>get at.  I believe that the cleanest method is the block heater.  It's
>>definitely the most work but the best solution.  I picked the block heater
>>for $18.75 at Big A.  No u don't need to go to the dealer for this part as
>>the exact same thing.
>>Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I live in a climate that
>>typically gets between -20 and 0 F almost everynight in the winter.  If
>>have any alternatives I'm open to suggestions.
>>One more thing,  Do u know where I might find a 3" Catalitic Converter at
>>good price?
>>Kind Regards from Winter Park, CO
>>Tom Grimaldi