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radio went out

<<It was going bad, sometimes I had to turn it on and off a few times before
it'd come on.  But is there anyway I could fix it?>>
	Have you tried pounding on the dash yet?  My 5KQ had one that shorted out.
Pounding on the dash would sometimes revive it.  Be aware that this can cause
you to take your eyes off the road at night, thus allowing you to run into
deer that don't know that the highways are for cars...   (BTDT)

<<Does anyone know if this is somethign that goes wrong a lot with the old
	Sometimes they short out.  Sometimes the preset buttons crap out.  Sometimes
one side of the sound goes out.  Or maybe the tape deck will die.  So I guess
you could consider it just one of several preordained self-destructs that Team
Door Handle designed into the P.O.S. stock stereo.