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Re: LIDAR Help for my S4 (no Q content)

The "philosophy" discussion on this subject is interesting, but IMO a
speeding ticket (at least in the US) has very little to do with
"enforcement of the law".  Rather, it has much more to do with being an
efficient revenue enhancement device.

Here in beautiful Lake Mills, WI (a small rural town of under 4000
people right on I94) we have a "terrific" police force with 7 or 8 brand
new cruisers using the very latest lasers... much more advanced than the
WI State Troopers.  They're building a new $10 million police station/
town hall.

We also have miles and miles of 25mph streets and lots of tourists.
Locals rarely get ticketed... tourists rarely get out of town for free.
(Check out the NMA website for speedtraps... the entire town of lake
Mills is listed as "avoid at all costs".)

So, my "philospohical" take on the subject:  Giving tickets for speed as
a form of revenue enhancement only works efficiently when the costs stay
low (as in everyone simply mailing in their fines).  Insurance companies
also help to subsidize the system.

If everyone exercised their constitutional rights to take the case to
court, the time and effort necessary to hear the cases would lessen the
appeal of using the enforcement of artitrary laws as a form of
regressive taxation.  Additionally, often the local DA will "plea
bargin" the ticket to a non-moving violation carrying the same fine but
at least saving you the insurance surcharges. BTDT... a few times.

Just my 0.02!

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI