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Fw: New member needs help

> Date: Friday, October 23, 1998 23:39:08
> From: dominiq
> To: Quattro Dan
> Subject: New member needs help
> Hey,
> I am really pleased to find your site.
> I love my Quattro, but as a female need some assistance
> I got my 1986 4000s Quatro as a present 4 years ago...long story
> anyway she's the best
> fully loaded, 5 speed, sunroof, jammin stereo
> however the last year or so she has started to deteriorate big time
> I searched your archives for some specific problems
> and was unable to find matching info
> oh, before I continue
> I found a mechanic who is willing to work on my car
> for less than $10.00 an hour (familiy member)
>  if I will do all needed research for repairs and parts
> so here is the problem
> the blower motor that is supposed to cool my engine rarely if ever works
> the engine light constantly flashes but that moter hardly goes on
> thermostat is new and working well
> he checked all the connections and they are sound
> that is for that particular problem
> get this, when that engine light flashes the left side of my dash goes dim
> now this car has 160,000 but it was checked two weeks ago
> and passed all computer tests ( whatever they are) with A's
> It is a really bad problem, atfer about ten minutes of city driving that light
> is going
> and the hood is seriosly hot
> The other thing is this Clicking, ticking noise
> seems to come from under the mid right part of the crack case
> could it be a Lifter?
> I put some sea foam in in the oil a couple of days ago and it hasn't worked
> When I got the car 4 years ago this noise was faint and came and went
> now it is LOUD and constant, seems to be worse if i don't drive
> for a day or two.
> I hate to be a pest but
> i live in Minnesota and it is so nice to have Quattro
> I keep going when 4x4's are stuck
> I can't ever go back to driving anything but Quattro
> everthing else is like riding a Murry bicycle
> however I can't afford to upgrade
> bottom line I think she's worth the money every year to maintian
> what do you think?
> can you help me?
> do you know some one who can?
> Please forward this message  thanx, dominique