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Re: Audi 5KS Radiator Overflow Fitting

In article <199810231249.IAA0000354996@hunch.zk3.dec.com>, Andrew Duane
USG <duane@hunch.zk3.dec.com> writes
>Hairy green toads from Mars made R. Andrew Pickens say:
>> The fitting for the radiator overflow hose has broken off (it, and the
>> entire top of the radiator, are plastic!).  Any suggestions as to how this
>> can be repaired will be gratefully received.  Please reply to my email
>> address, apickens@access.digex.net. 
>Reapirs don't seem to last. Get a new radiator.  :-(

Got a small radiator shop here in UK to repair my 100 Avant - they used
a threaded brass nipple big enough to connect the hose to and adhesive
of I know not what kind on the threads - this has lasted approx. 40,000
miles/2 years, so it can sometimes work if you are lucky.

(When the radiator blew on my 100 saloon, to get me back on the road as
a stopgap I took one off a 16-year-old Audi 200 diesel Avant I
remembered was in a local scrapyard - cost (complete with electric fan
attached) GPB 15. This fitted the 100 alright, and is still working fine
with no leaks six months and 5000 miles later - they are probably of
more durable construction than the 100 originals.)
David Boyd
Cumbria, UK