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RE: Big Red Brake Conversion?


Can this combination work on an urQ (928 caliper on a 12.5 " rotor)?

'83 urQ

At 01:12 PM 10/21/98 -0700, Mark Nelson wrote:
>Levet Cur wrote:
>> Will they work on a 1993 100CSQ?
>Not with the stock 15" wheels they won't.  It's said that you need to run a
>minimum of a "thin" 16" wheel or 17" wheel to clear the later 993 Turbo
>calipers.  The hot ticket is the 928 GTS calipers, which are the same
>caliper as the Big Red, but machined to take a smaller 12.5" rotor.  I'm
>using these on the rally car.  Let me know if you're interested, cuz I can
>get a great deal from the PCNA parts wherehouse in Reno which has a boatload
>of these things.
>-mark nelson
>'90 S2 (with Porsche brakes)
>'90 CQ (is gonna get Porsche brakes ;-)
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