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Re: LIDAR Help for my S4 (no Q content)

>A speeding ticket a "non-moving violation"?

No, in these cases, the contested speeding tickets are not _redefined_ as
"non-moving violations". Rather, the original charge is dropped with the
understanding that the accused will plead guilty to a lesser charge (a
"non-moving violation" generally) yet pay a similar fine. This relieves the
local district attorney of having to spend his "precious" time on proving
the speeding charge (and assures the State of getting its revenue). This
"quid pro quo" arrangement evidently also serves as revenue enhancement for
local attorneys, as well. In some (most?) jurisdictions, merely retaining
an attorney--whatever may be the merits of one's defense--practically
guarantees a reduced-charge offer (plea bargain) by the State. Seems like a
real "old boys club" scam to me. Don't you guys play silly games like this?

Define pi as 4??? We in the USA naturally have bigger things in mind for
pi. Politicians in the state of Indiana realized the _true_ value of pi in
the year 1897, thanks to a resident who convinced them of his success in
"squaring the circle". So in that year, both chambers of the Indiana
legislature passed the first reading of an act (Bill #246) based on his
alleged accomplishment. This had the effect of defining pi as 9.2376....
Shortly thereafter, while Bill #246 awaited a second reading, a horrified
professor (from my alma mater, Purdue U.)  lectured Indiana Senators on the
subject. This caused them to postpone indefinitely any further action on
the second reading of the bill. It remains tabled.

But we know, as with creation "theory", the bible must have the last word,
which is that pi is precisely 3.0 (I Kings vii.23).

P.I. Rose
does my middle initial add some credibility here? :)

>Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 15:59:47 GMT
>From: quk@isham-research.demon.co.uk (Phil Payne)
>Subject: Re: LIDAR Help for my S4 (no Q content)
>In message <3631D4B1.AEF31B1@concentric.net> Bill Elliott writes:
>> Additionally, often the local DA will "plea
>> bargin" the ticket to a non-moving violation carrying the same fine but
>> at least saving you the insurance surcharges. BTDT... a few times.

>That ranks with defining pi as 4.
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