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Re: Audi+rotary engines!

In message <19981024.230000.-387895.0.AdamNelson@juno.com> adamnelson@juno.com writes:

> Audi Wankel? Anyone remember NSU? Yes, that mysterious name after Audi on
> your ID tag. The Wankel killed NSU back in the 60's and Audi bought what
> was left. NSU used a rear mounted rotary engine in it's car and made the
> mistake of warrantying the engine. The cars more often than not needed a
> rebuild of the combustion chamber seal after very few miles. Covering
> this service put them out of business.

If you're referring to the NSU Ro80, it was a front-engined car.  Rotary
engine aside, it was a revolutionary design in very many ways, and
'modern' cars are still only gradually incorporating many of its
features.  Even with a conventional engine, bringing the Ro80 to market
would have stretched many companies.

If you saw one next to a Type 44 at a motor show today, you'd think the
Ro80 was the _replacement_ - not a car that predates it by around ten

Next time you change your disc pads, think about the Ro80.

Pop the hood, pull up a locking lever, lift out the old pads, drop in
the new pads, push down the locking lever, and do the other side.

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