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Stuff FREE, Stuff FS

Am keeping my baby (the 84) and going to get rid of the 
85 as sson as I get the title from NYS.  In the meantime,
I have some little things for FREE (you pay postage):
	*Quattro rear deck badge, handle with care
	*Newer 5KS Audi badge
	*Old fox head badge, scratched 
	*2 Oh Sh*t handle hanger holders
	*4KQ Head Light switch cover piece thing 1" x 1/2"
	*Audi 10mm/13mm  wrench
Some things FS (you pay postage, too):
	*Brand new 4K series (and more?) hood cable    $15
	*Older 4K front speakers			            $10
	*Tire holder inner thing and jack strap	            $ 5
	*85 4KQ heated seat switch		            $ 5
	*Audi Tool Kit				            $ 8
	*Audi jack				            $ 4
  	*Lock core (new) with keys for 80s cars	            $10
	*Rear 4K series mats w/ Audi Logo, black	            $10
	*Passenger front mat, same as above	            $  5
There's also lotws of stuff on the 85 4KQ and I am not adverse to 
parting some of it out (got a brand new battery in it!). 

oooo   Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA  talkpine@lightlink.com  
             85 4000 Quattro  and  84 4000S