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DD on TT's

>>Lastly: the Audi TT. Wow! Words fail me. 1.8T FWD: $40k here, 1.8T 225hp
quattro: $50k. Got a brochure, which got drooled all over- haven't heard
any negative comments yet.


There was an article in my local paper last week about the TT. Neiman Marcus
has selected the TT as its featured Christmas gift (is this old news on the
The article went on to say that buyers from the NM catalog will be among the
first US customers to take delivery on the car. I know you guys are most
interested in what is under the hood but I have to say that Nimbus Grey pearl
effect exterior and Mocassin red nappa leather interior sounds absolutely
gorgeous. The price is $34,950. The edition is limited to the 100...get your
orders in!

Dee, wishing
95A6q pearl