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Re: 5K Starting Problem

   Ever since I got one of my 5KTQW it has had some unusual problems with

   If the car has been sitting > 1 hour, then it is hard to start.  I have
   to crank it for 5-10 secs or more.  If the engine is warm, say from just
   running, it will catch in 1 sec or so.

   Now that the weather is getting colder, I expected more problems, but
   oddly in cold weather (~ 30F) the engine starts right up in the morning?
   I had been expecting the hard start to get worse, but cold seems to make
   for the opposite.

   I am about to jump into this, before the weather gets too nasty, and
   wanted to get some ideas from the list here, as what things to be
   looking for.

   I'd been thinking:

   1. Leaky cold start valve, making mixture too rich (but OK in cold

   2. Bad fuel pressure (but not clear why cold weather would help that). 

   3. Some vacuum leak, that gets better when rubber is stiffer (the car
   will still idle at 1200rpm at times).

   Any thoughts, tips and alternative theories welcomed.

Betcha a dollar to a donut that it's your "Hot Start Pulse Relay" that's
at fault (assuming your model is so equipped -- dunno the year they came
into being, but my '83 UrQ has it...; if your car doesn't, then the lack
of it is probably your problem, just learn to live with it...).

Working correctly, you should hear a clicking every coupla/three seconds
or so while you're cranking the engine. This gooses the Cold Start In-
jector to help make up for hot engine/vapor-lock/suckatude-of-life with
the 5cyl turbo engine. It makes a *world* of difference.

Good luck!