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Heater control valve & spark plugs

Constantly bowing to the collective wisdom of the list, I'm beginning to 
think WE ARE BORG!

Some time back there was a thread about heater control valves giving up 
the ghost at inopportune times, especially long trips, and I in my 
neurosis bought one. Never put it in. Yesterday, I did and as I looked 
into the old one and pushed the activating lever by hand, the,what I 
assume to be, internal sealing washer got jammed in the opening. 
Happenstance? I think not. Another message from the Audi gods to perform 
regular replacement of wearable parts on a 12 year old car.

The spark plug thread has been around for years. Spark always jumps the 
shortest gap. Therefore trielectrode plugs insure a short gap, strong 
spark because as the electrode wears on one terminal, another will have a 
smaller(proper) gap and thus takeover until it wears, etc. I just changed 
mine after 3+ years and yes the center electrode was no longer round, 
looked like a Wankel rotor, but there were places where the gap was still 
correct. Bottom line, I paid $3 each for new ones (John at Impex, 
1-800-736-3550), with a rotor and cap the whole deal was less than $50. 
Car is smoothed.


87 5CSTQ - 119,000
A great car, a great hobby!
Son#1 - 82 Coupe
Son#2 - 90 20vQ