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More FS stuff, dash update, questions


OK, got a few more things to sell:
	*4KQ leather shift boot (leather ok, frame not)	$ 8 
	*Interior  80's light				$ 5 			
	*Before 85 4KS cluster switches			$ 5 each		
	*Wood older VW shift knob			$10
	*Frame pieces for 85 + 4K head lights		$10

Finished transplant of 85 dash  into my 84.  Looks really cool, too
bad they didn't use that dash originally.  The wiring was the hardest
part but thanks to Huw's help, it went very smoothly!  Hope I will
not have to do it again, though!  

Have two speedo heads, one says 1740 one the bottom
(is for 5cyl?) and the other says 1560 (4cyl?).  Think they
are in the wrong cars!

Any ever put a newer 4K series grill into an older 4K using the
stock headlights?  Looks like it is possible but may take some
cutting.  Don't want to wreck the grille if it's impossible.
(I'd rather sell it than wreck it!)

As always, thanks!
oooo   Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA  talkpine@lightlink.com  
        84 4000S "Heidi"  and  85 4000 Quattro  "Parts"